Joycy Lacombe is a licensed mental health counselor with over ten years of experience working with individuals, couples, and adolescents to achieve the success.  She is passionate about working with individuals suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress, using unique techniques to help them clear symptoms of PTSD.   

She loves working with couples, helping them to revisit the feelings that initially drew them to each other, systematically identifying and evaluating the components of the present crisis, working together to develop personalized strategies to help navigate future challenges and finally helping them cast vision towards the next stage of their relationship.  She is a huge proponent of developing effective communication skills, namely through learning to clarify and reflect as the listener and sending direct messages as the speaker,  while assuming the best in each other.  Her work with couples has become her specialty, one that she thoroughly enjoys.  One of her best known adages is, “Sometimes we just need to dig up the foundation of your relationship and use the proper tools to set it back the right way.”

Joycy has a background in behavioral therapy working with children with ASD and their parents to writing and developing programs to teach fundamental life and learning skills, with the goal of increasing independent functioning across all areas of life.   She partners with teachers and paraprofessionals working within the classroom setting, to help reinforce and generalize skills her clients acquire in the home environment. 

 Joycy has a love for learning and a love for teaching.  She incorporates her strong ability to teach in her counseling sessions.  In addition to counseling, Joycy believes in giving back and highly values mentoring others.  She volunteers her time with students, and loves mentoring young adults who demonstrate a drive for learning and creatively pushing themselves outside of the box to discover all that life has for them.   As a self-proclaimed, perpetual life learner, Joycy continues to seek additional resources and education to remain informed of the new ideologies and effective therapeutic interventions available in order to help her clients.  She believes in collaboration and strives to teach and equip her clients with the skills they need to be successful in not only the areas they are currently tackling, but holistically.

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